Nikki (koala_maze) wrote,

Last Call for num-nums

I finally got a cat, after a respectful mourning period after Toby's death. I would like to point out to everyone I didn't cry (on the outside.) I just went out and chewed on dead birds I found on the property, just like he used to, and saved my pet fish after he killed himself, and sucked on it for a few days, like he would of.
Anyway. My kitty's name is Miffy. Her previous owner was an elderly woman who enjoyed knitting and watching TV, much like myself.
Miffy's 5 years old, and looks like Clancey (I hope I spelled his name right..) and loves the smell of fabric softner (don't we all?) and the blanket my great grandma made me. I've only had her for 4 days, so we're still getting used to each other, but as my room-mates pointed out-she likes me more than them. Why shouldn't she? I'm the one who feeds her, and lets her sleep on my feet.
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