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Kids today.

Misty (my goat) birthed two babies today. One is all freaky white, much like her, and she likes that one. The other is black-and-white spotted, and she has rejected that one. We're feeding the spotted one on a bottle, and it is living inside with us now. Nobody ever told me baby goats are so damn cute. Or that they sound like squeak toys when you pick them up. Anywho, I wanted to name one "Ziggy" and one "Stardust" but my mom said those names weren't cute enough. So-if you have any ideas about goat names, feel free to leave them. Remember, they were born on the same day, so it'd be better if their names matched in some way.
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ACK!! Are they mean like the big boy goat, or are they still cuddly and cute?
No name ideas for the goats, just stopping by to say I lurve you :)
They're small and cute, big boy goat's not allowed near them. I think it has to do with his trampling desires, or somthing.
How about Alvy and Darcy?
Except one's a boy, and one's a girl.
And at this point they probably both smell better than me.