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Game Plan # Super Tom and The Jamming Black Crutons

Going to 'Frisco in April, with any luck, probably late April. Not Frisco Texas, either, San Fransisco. Time to get back with the California lifestyle, or at least the drug part of it. The rest I will still silently resent, because of whatever it was that happened in the 60s there that clashes with it so badly today. It makes me sad. Hippies with plastic surgery. Could that be blamed on Charles Manson? Ah hell, let's do it.
Then after that sometime, I might go to Jersey, or some such big city to meet up with my Twin. Well, with any luck, we'll see.
I hope to get alot of years of living under my belt during these trips, and I want that belt to be tied up on my forearm.
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I blame my plastic surgery obsession on Charles Manson.
Lemme know when you're going to San Fran-- I have some airline miles I'd love to redeem to go see you out there :))
We're going to 'Frisco road trip style, olde schoool. Feel free to join. I have some surgical markers, we could take LSD and invent some crazy Charles Manson type plastic surgeries. And, when we get there, you get to get drunk with a suicide girl, Ian, and of course, yours truely.
Of course Ian being the desgnatory driver will maintain a modicum of sobriety when such a task is called for.