Nikki (koala_maze) wrote,

Malachy McCourt.

I find there's nothing more satisfactory than reading books about terrible things, that have some sort of morbid humor. Or as the Irish say "Nothing is funnier than sadness."

"Jamie Cromwell and self played a couple of cops who hung out at the hospital playing cards for pills. Jamie went on to great fame as Farmer Hoggett in the movie Babe. Not everyone in the cast drank and got high, but there was a rare one who didn't. There was never any shortage of cocaine or any other narcotic, or of whiskey, beer, or wine...were we any good? Well, have you ever seen the movie? I rest my case"
-On being in the movie "The House of God"

"There we were, trying to understand why a God lets handi-capped babies into the world and expects us to know what to do about them, trying to deal with our rage and disappointment, trying to understand why other human beings can be so callous and inhuman toward the most vulnerable among us."
-On State institutions in New York in the 1970s

"You can go home again if you are prepared to face your memories and endure the remembrance of happiness fled and of people dead. You can go home again if you have a heart as big as Eternity to forgive all that was done to you, and to wish Heaven's happiness to those who may of damaged you. You can go home again if you can embrace all who are still living there and don't know, or don't want to know, about the past and what a place it has in your soul"
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